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If, like me, you will have a house, pets and a car waiting at home during your year in Beijing, you have a lot to take care of before leaving. Whether you decide to rent out your place or lock it up, be sure the mortgage, taxes, insurance and utilities will be paid automatically through deductions from your home account. Even if you aren’t there for a year, it might be cheaper to just leave the phone and internet connected rather than deal with the inconvenience and extra fees of cancelling them and then renewing when you return.

Be sure you add a trusted person to your bank account and have your mail forwarded to that person. There will be some billers who (unbelievably) still aren’t set up to handle automatic payments, and there’s always the unexpected expense. Your fence might blow down or the pipes burst during a bitter cold spell. Your car license tag will need to be renewed and it might have to get an emissions inspection first. Someone will need to be close by, with your checkbook, car and house keys, to deal with all of it. If you’re leaving pets behind, be sure to write, sign and date an authorization for their caretaker to show your vet in case they need to make any emergency decisions for your pets.

Handling your mail, bills, pets and home maintenance is a huge job. Make sure you bring back a really nice gift for whoever does it.


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